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La devise Technologies

It’s the crypto gaming and social media platform based cryptocurrency. Here you can do
both enjoying the platform by playing the game together you earn the LD coin.
Also, people interact with each other via a social media platform.


About US

La devise technologies is the France company, Company is involved in the technologies business.

The company believes in accepting new technologies as per the current market. Blockchain is the new revolution in the technologies, that’s why the company is decided to involve in the blockchain technologies and launch the own crypto coin to compete for the competitors with the new technologies.

Benefits of using La Devise Platform

Real Time Update

Track your every transaction live. Send or Receive the coin instantly

Cloud Based

La Devise used the cloud-based platform, so it's run very smoothly and easily.

No transaction fees

When you send the coin from one wallet address to another wallet address of la devise wallet there are no transaction fees.

Our La Devise Mission

La devise mission is to convert the gaming and social media industry totally on blockchain-based technologies. where people do both entertainments with earning of crypto-currency.

Mission and vision is clear to accept the blockchain technologies for gaming and social media platform

Coin Information

Total Coin Supply

1 Billion

Block Time

2 Minute

Promoter Coin

50 Million




200 million

Road Map

Company Arranges the board meeting for the discussion of company vision for a Cryptocurrency launch


The team is ready with a blueprint of the CryptoCurrency Platform.

The coin will be launched for gaming and digital marketing platform


Whitepaper of the coin with a full description of technologies, platform, coin distribution.


The company starts the meeting with investors with a blueprint for the project


The company earned the trust of the investors. Start the work on software flowchart and marketing Planning


The company will Launches the Coin and Wallet of LA DEVISE.


The coin will be listed in the exchange.


The company will launch the 1st crypto-based game.


The company will start work on the social media platform. Blockchain-based on social media platforms.


The company starts Tie-up with other
tech-giant companies.


The company starts the work on own payment gateway, where user can use the coin for shopping, recharge, and payment.


Meet Our Team

La devise digital coin is one of the dream projects of the Mr.Victor
Mr. Louis Victor is the tech-specialist and founder of La Devise Technologies which is France based company. Mr.Victor holding a master's degree in Computer science from one of the best universities in the US. He is very good in programming as well as management. He started their own Tech company 10 years back after great success in the tech company, he is decided to launch his own digital currency which is used in gaming and digital marketing with the new revolution of the century. Mr.Victor itself involved in the development and write the algorithm of La devise digital coin.


Mr. Louis Victor

Tech-Specialist and Founder

Mr. Vikram Patel

Trader (USA)

Mr. Vikram Patel is the trader in the USA for the last 8 years,
he is Indian currently stay in the USA. Mr. Patel is holding a master's degree in Finance. He is the key promoter of the La Devise digital currency in India. Mr. Patel is the expert of the trading and Mr. Louis is the tech specialist, Both are old friends from the college time of Mr. Louis. At the time of La devise a digital currency project Mr. Louise remembers his old friend and offer the deal to promote the La Devise Digital Currency in India.

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